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Duck Breast with Black Beluga Lentils

Barbecued Rib of Beef with Forestiere Sauce

Barbecued Rib of Beek With Forestiere Sauce © Kevin Ashton 2007 If you caught any of my BBQ masterclasses around the UK, you know you can cook anything from whole chickens and shoulders of lamb to pizza and cheesecake on a barbecue - if yo…

The Art of Cooking on a Barbecue-part 2

In part one I talked about the different methods of cooking on a barbecue, now I'm going to give you an overview of the components and their importance for a successful barbecue. Charcoal The two main types of charcoal are briquette or har…

The Art of Cooking on a Barbecue-part 1

There is no area of cooking more poorly understood or maligned than Barbecuing. If you're a reader who has only experienced the horrid charred remains of your neighbour's BBQ please I implore you to read on. Barbecue cookery is simply cook…