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Chef’s Tips on Wooden Cutting Boards & Reviews

If you need a new chopping board then click on the photo to read my article.

White Chocolate Crème Brûlée with Crunchie Ice Cream

My latest delicious recipe, just click on the photo to go to the recipe. :)

Roasted Beetroot Salad with Dolcelatte and Black Garlic Dressing

After the holidays most of us are looking for ways to lose a few pounds so I wanted to create a lighter dish, that is easy to make but still full of flavour.

Duck Breast with Black Beluga Lentils


Like many vegetable growers in the UK, this summer has not been filled with sunshine and so I have lots of green tomatoes hanging on the vine. I didn't want to make chutney with all of them and hate throwing food away so I decided to exper…

My Media Wall

This post is a collection of articles and interviews about me, photos of famous people I have met and or cooked for and a few sample articles I have written myself. Just click on each photo for more information. この投稿は、私についての記…

Chocolate and Walnut Tart with Toffee Sauce

When I wrote this recipe for my newspaper column the correct photo did not appear, due to an intern who had been out celebrating his birthday late the night before. So reposting it here is a chance for me to share with you the recipe as it…

In the Kitchen with Kevin Ashton

This is an interview by Foodies 100 was published on July 1st 2015. ただ、面接に行くために写真をクリックしてください

L'art de la Table-Cookbook review

Besides the recipes, Gintare shows another creative side with her wonderful atmospheric photography that sets the scene and draws you in, as do her little vignettes spreading sunshine to the pages. レビューに行くために写真をクリック :)

Tian of Avocado and Crab with Gazpacho

Gazpacho Andaluz is one of my earliest childhood memories of Spain. At the tender age of eleven on my first package holiday to the quaint seaside resort of Tossa de Mar. It didn't matter that the Costa Brava was nowhere near Andalusia, jus…

Barbecued Rib of Beef with Forestiere Sauce

Barbecued Rib of Beek With Forestiere Sauce © Kevin Ashton 2007 If you caught any of my BBQ masterclasses around the UK, you know you can cook anything from whole chickens and shoulders of lamb to pizza and cheesecake on a barbecue - if yo…

Polar Family Cool Bag Review

Whenever I review a product I try to judge it fairly and yet critically. In my recent barbecue article, I talk about how useful it is to have a large cool bag to avoid constantly running back and forth to the kitchen and perhaps burning yo…

The Art of Cooking on a Barbecue-part 2

In part one I talked about the different methods of cooking on a barbecue, now I'm going to give you an overview of the components and their importance for a successful barbecue. Charcoal The two main types of charcoal are briquette or har…

The Art of Cooking on a Barbecue-part 1

There is no area of cooking more poorly understood or maligned than Barbecuing. If you're a reader who has only experienced the horrid charred remains of your neighbour's BBQ please I implore you to read on. Barbecue cookery is simply cook…